Issue Bin (Parking Lot)



An Issue Bin (Parking Lot) serves as a communication tool between students and the teacher. The Issue Bin captures ideas and questions that need further clarification or discussion in the classroom. It is a place to store a question or comment to be discussed as a later times. The Issue Bin gives students a voice in the classroom.

When to use

this strategy:

The Issue Bin is up and running at all times.

It is a daily process and teachers should schedule a time on a daily basis to go over issues in the Issue Bin.



Students might add comments such as the following:

Can we read more poetry?

I need more time to complete my math stations.

Today in social studies my group did not work well together.

I loved the science experiment we did today.


What does

it look like?

Click here to see a template for an Issue Bin (Parking Lot).

How to use

this strategy:

The Issue Bin is a simple tool to use. Throughout the day, students write questions or comments on a post-it note that deserves discussion. Then, at a scheduled time, the teacher reviews and discusses the comments posted. Encourage students to use the parking lot for those questions not related to the lesson. We want children to ask questions for clarification during the actual lesson.