Free Form Mapping



Free Form Mapping is a way for students to summarize information using pictures, diagrams, or symbols instead of words. Students take information learned and summarize it through a visual model. Free Form Mapping is an excellent tool to help students transfer learning from short to long-term memory.

When to use

this strategy:

To summarize or check for understanding

As a group or individual assignment

Prior to a test as a review tool

To support an oral presentation

With fiction or nonfiction material



Use Free Form Mapping to display story elements.

Use Free Form Mapping to show that you understand equivalent fractions.

Use Free Form Mapping to show the stages of a butterfly.


What does

it look like?

Free Form Mapping has no specific template. Students are free to use their creativity to create a visual of their own.

How to use

this strategy:

After reading or learning new information, students are placed into groups (can be done individually). Each group gets a large piece of paper. Ask students to summarize the main points through the use of pictures, diagrams, and symbols. Remind students that they should use little to no words. Allow students to share. This is important because these visual maps help other students retain information.