Authorís Craft




Authorís Craft refers to understanding how an author writes text in efforts to clue the reader in to what is important. When students understand how to use such items as bold print, italics, titles, and more, their level of reading comprehension increases.



When to use

this strategy:

       Works best with nonfiction

       To help students decide what is important in the text; distinguish between main idea and details

       To help children decide what message the author is trying to send.




       Use with a nonfiction story to set the stage before reading; also helps generate background knowledge

       Complete a book walk

       Prior to an upcoming science unit, search for authorís clues to decide what we will learn as we read.



What does

it look like?

Click here to see the components of Authorís Clues.



How to use

this strategy:

The key to using Authorís Clues is to model for students how to pick up on hints and strategies the author uses.