Anchors (Exemplar)



An Anchor (exemplar) is an example of an assignment shown to students to provide clarification of the criteria needed to complete the assignment. It is a sample of student work. Anchors clarify exactly what is expected and leaves little room for confusion.

When to use

this strategy:

When criteria or requirements may be confusing

To set the expectations

To model

To show various levels of a rubric



Use an anchor to show examples of excellent paragraphs.

Use anchors to show the difference between an "A" and a "C" research project.

Use an anchor to show book reports.


What does

it look like?

An anchor is an exact replica of the assignment.

How to use

this strategy:

Introduce the assignment to students. Define the expectations. Show students the anchor as an example. Explain to students exactly what makes this example as good as it is and why it deserves a certain grade. You do not always have to show a perfect anchor. If possible, show more examples and allow students to evaluate them. Students will be ready for the assignment.