2 Column Notes/Opinion Proof



Two Column Notes is a tool to help children organize information from a reading assignment, lecture, video, or other formats. It is a simple form of note taking and serves as a great study tool. Two Column Notes can be altered to collect Opinion Proof notes as well as Cause and Effect, Main Idea and Details, and more.

When to use

this strategy:

When taking in lengthy information; note taking

To study for a test.

With the use of a video, lecture, or reading assignments.

With fiction or nonfiction material



Use Two Column Notes to record the main ideas of a story.

Use Two Column Notes to follow the steps of math problem solving.

Use Two Column Notes identify the parts of a cell.

Use Two Column Notes to record Cause and Effect, Main Idea and Details, or Opinion Proof.


What does

it look like?

Click here to see a template for Two Column Notes.

How to use

this strategy:

Ask students to set up their papers for Two Column Notes. Students fold their page in half and use the left side for main ideas and the right side for details. (Also use the same set up for Cause and Effect or Opinion Proof ) As students work through the lesson, they will record information on their note page. As a class, discuss what each child found as a main idea. To study, students fold the page in half. Looking at only one side of the page, the student tries to identify what corresponds to the other side.