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Purpose This page is designed to provide basic information about the development of communication skills.  Please keep in mind that there is a world of differences among children.  The age ranges and numbers provided on this page are based on norms developed by researchers as noted.
Definition Communication is defined as an interchange of thoughts or opinions. Source: Webster's Third New International Dictionary
Development As with any other new skill, your child will progress through a series of steps as they experiment with speech and language.  Development can be marked with errors at times.  Click here for a summary of developmental norms.
Talk with someone about your concerns Each school in Hanover County has a speech therapist as part of resource staff.  These individuals are available to discuss your concerns.  Each student new to the county is screened according to the following:
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Speech-Language-Hearing Screening
4th - 12 grade Hearing Screening
Additional Resources (speech games) (phonemic awareness)