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Developmental Norms

1 year old
  • recognize own name
  • understand the word "No"
  • imitates familiar words
  • waves goodbye
  • plays gesture games such as "pattycake"
  • use simple nouns such as "mama" or "dada"
  • give a toy on request
  • laugh a lot
2 years old
  • uses own name or "me" to talk about themself
  • asks "What's This?" or "Where's This?"
  • uses 2 word negative phrases like "not go"
  • puts 2 - 3 words together to form 1st sentences
  • listens to stories with pictures
  • names simple pictures of common things
3 years old
  • knows "night" and "day" concepts
  • knows last name and street
  • can put 3 or 4 words together into a sentence
  • can consistently make these sounds: "m, n, ng, p, f, h, and w"
  • may repeat sounds, words, and phrases
  • asks "What's That?" questions frequently!!!
4 years old
  • can consistently make these speech sounds:  "m, n, ng, p, f, h, w, y, k, b, d, g"
  • Asks MANY questions, including "Who?" and "Why?"
  • can put 4 or 5 words together into a sentence
5 years old
  • defines the USE of common things (ex:  "You eat with a fork.")
  • can put 5 or 6 words together into a sentence
  • uses all speech sounds correctly EXCEPT for these, which are usually still developing:  "t, v, l, th, j, z, r, and zh"