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Della Nobles

Reading Specialist


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Reading RecoveryŽ

Reading RecoveryŽ is an intensive tutorial reading program for first-time first grade students who are at risk for reading difficulties. Students receive daily one-to-one 30 minute lessons with a Reading RecoveryŽ trained teacher in reading, writing, and word studies. Students participate in the program for an average of 20 weeks,

The success of the Reading RecoveryŽ program is based on accelerating students' progress by building on their strengths as well as remediating their weaknesses.

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Peer Tutor Program

The Peer Tutor program at Elmont is designed to give any first grade child, in need of reading support, the opportunity to share reading with a buddy reader and to promote enjoyment for reading.

Volunteer fourth and fifth grade tutors are paired with a first grade child. They buddy read in the library before classes begin for approximately 15 minutes twice a week.

The first grade youngsters read several little books to their tutors. The tutors select and read a variety of books chosen from our library that are appropriate for first grade children. Sharing good books is a great way to begin the day.

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Primary Literacy Programs Services

Primary Literacy Programs are federally funded programs designed and implemented to meet the educational needs of eligible kindergarten, first and second grade students who are at risk in reading. In accordance with federal and state guidelines, the major emphasis is early intervention.

An educational needs assessment is done with all students participating in the Primary Literacy Programs to determine achievement levels. At Elmont, progress of these students is continuously monitored and assessed throughout the year.

Primary Literacy Program teachers work in close collaboration with the students' classroom teachers. Daily supplemental instruction is provided to individual students and small groups of students by the Primary Literacy Program teacher in the first grade classrooms.

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Readers Aloud Program

Readers Aloud is a volunteer program that promotes frequent reading aloud to our children in an effort to develop advanced language skills and a love for children's literature.

An adult volunteer reads aloud a variety of books and interacts with the students in the classroom for approximately 30 minutes once a week. This relationship provides an enriching experience for both students and volunteers.

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Book Buddies

The "Book Buddies" program, which was implemented during the 1997-1998 school year, is modeled after an early intervention program from the University of Virginia. Volunteer tutors work one on one with each student twice a week, using reading lessons designed by the Reading Resource teacher.

The program has proved effective in improving students' reading skills.  In addition, the program has been rewarding for both volunteers and students who have worked hard together & formed special friendships along the way.

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"Just Right" Take-Home Library Program

Thanks to a Creative Classroom Grant from the Hanover Education Foundation in 1999, the "Just Right" Take-Home Library has provided first and second grade students with quality nonfiction books.  Once a week, students select books that are "not too hard, not too easy, but just right" for them to read independently.  They bring the books home, read the books to their parents, and do specially designed activities together that support early reading development.  Student and parent response to this new program has been enthusiastic.


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