Cool Spring Elementary
Music Information Page



Michael Peterman

Music is a window to the world. It is a method of exploring where we have been and where we are headed. Music gives children a chance to express their creativity and explore their hearts. It requires emotion, but it also requires many of the higher level thinking skills that go along with learning a foreign language or a higher level math. Music brings students together for a common purpose and asks them to work as a team to create musical memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Listed below is a summary of various aspects of the music program offered at Cool Spring Elementary.

  • Weekly classes for grades K-5 provide students with opportunities to actively participate in musical activities through singing, playing instruments, moving creatively, and listening actively.
  • Chorus is available for all interested 4th or 5th grade students. We perform a several concerts a year with programs consisting of songs from different eras and cultures.
  • Fifth graders may also register for strings at the beginning of the school year. This class meets twice a week and focuses on proper playing techniques. Students also learn the basics of reading music and ensemble playing.
  • Fourth and Fifth graders participate in learning how to play the recorder as a pre-band experience and to enhance their music reading abilities.
  • Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students are given opportunities to perform for PTA meetings during the year. We also try to incorporate performances for the younger students during the school day.