Cool Spring Elementary Art


Sarah Watson, Art Teacher

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Art is fundamental at Cool Spring Elementary. All students come to art once a week. It is here that they have an opportunity to express themselves with many different types of motivations, art techniques, and media. There are four components which are interwoven through the units that give students a balanced art education:

  • Art History- Students will become aware of the social and historical contexts in which art is created.
  • Aesthetics- Students will analyze the structural content of art by responding to design elements, principles and other sensory stimuli.
  • Criticism- Students will perceive, interpret, and judge symbolic or expressive subtleties in art forms.
  • Art Production- Students will advance their understanding by acquiring ideas from artists as they produce their art.

Our curriculum is based on the Standards of Learning (SOL). Because students develop abilities at different levels, the art curriculum is designed to let students express themselves within a set of specific objectives.

Throughout the school year, students’ art work is displayed within the school and in the community; including:

  • Hanover County School Board Office Exhibit
  • Montpelier Art Center Show
  • Hanover Art Fest
  • Art and Science Festival; Hanover County Schools