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 Screening and Identification

Hanover County Public Schools addresses the following areas of giftedness:

  • General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA) & Specific Academic Aptitude (SAA):   Verbal/Linguistic or Mathematical/Logical (K-12)

  • Visual and Performing Arts Aptitude (5 - 12)

In order for a student to be considered for the Gifted and Talented Program, he or she must first be referred for screening. This referral may be initiated by a parent, teacher, peer, community member, or by the student him/herself. The Initial Referral /Permission for Evaluation Form MUST be completed and submitted by the testing deadline January 31st for the Spring testing window. All referrals that come in after this deadline will be held over until the following scheduled testing period. Only once these forms have been received will the screening process begin.  Please contact Mrs. Franklin at cfranklin@hcps.us to obtain a copy of this form. 

OUR POLICY:  Screening is conducted during the spring for K through twelve in the areas of General Intellectual Aptitude and Specific Academic Aptitude.

Students are tested once a year for Visual and Performing Arts Aptitude.  The deadline for referring students for that testing is March 31.

The Screening Process:

Students are screened using multiple criteria.  Standard screening procedures include a review of student records, response lessons, test data, progress reports and teacher observations.  Once the initial referral form has been received, the Gifted teacher administers the following assessments: an ability test, a test for divergent thinking (creativity), a language-based performance assessment, and a mathematics/logic-based performance assessment.  The classroom teacher collects work samples that have been created independently by the student at school.  Parents may also submit no more than three samples of their child's academic performance. 

Once the testing is completed and the portfolio components are collected, the Gifted Identification/Placement Committee meets to review the data to determine if the evidence supports identification.  Each school maintains a Gifted Identification/Placement Committee.  Parents will be notified in writing of
the committee's decision.



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