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 Third Grade                                                 



Welcome to Third Grade!

Our 3rd Grade Teachers
 Mrs. Ringelberg, Mrs. Rowsey, Mrs. Rotondi and Mrs. Nance

Third grade is an exciting year for students.  Students engage in many interesting activities throughout the year.  Students are expected to become more independent workers and thinkers this year.


Here are a few highlights and topics covered:


-Decoding Strategies
-Word Study
-Oral Communication Skills
-Comprehension Strategies for reading Fiction and Non-fiction
-Building Fluency when reading
-Planning and Composing Writing Samples
-Research/Reference Sources


-Number and Number Sense (reading and writing numbers, rounding, etc.)
-Money and Time
-Addition/Subtraction (larger numbers with and without regrouping)
-Multiplication/Division (basic facts)
-Fractions and Decimals


-Water Cycle
-Natural Events/Cycles
-Plant and Animal Life Cycles
-Simple Machines
-Animal Adaptations
-Food Chains


-Maps and Globes
-Exploration of the Americas/Famous Explorers
-Ancient Greece and Rome
-Ancient Mali

Homework:  Students in third grade are expected to complete 45 minutes of homework nightly.   Please feel free to check over your child’s homework.  Homework is meant to be an extension or review of what they have learned in the classroom.

 Field Trips:   Students take part in a number of field trips during the year.  We go to the Math and Science Innovation Center and take part in AG Day.   Two other field trips will be planned during the year also.




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