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 Second Grade                                                




Our 2nd Grade Teachers: 

Mrs. Duke,  Mrs. Mays, Mrs. Vehorn and Miss Copeland

Saddle Up and Learn


Our academic highlights are:

Reading/Language Arts

  In second grade we will read, read, read each day!  Students will have the opportunity to read in small groups, with partners, and independently.  Second graders will be learning about narrative elements of fiction stories including setting, characters, problem, and solution.  We will compare and contrast elements of non-fiction and fiction stories.  Other reading skills include locating the main idea, reading with accuracy and fluency, as well as building reading comprehension. 



Students will be using our graphing skills to create and discuss various types of graphs.  We will be working on skip-counting, addition, subtraction, and fact families.  Second graders will doing problem-solving each and digging deeper into the 2nd grade curriculum to encourage higher level thinking.  Keep practicing your math facts at home!


Social Studies

We will be learning about what it means to be a “Good Citizen”.  Students will discuss important rules, rewards, and consequences in our classroom, our school, and in our nation.  Our next unit of study will be about Famous Citizens such as Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, and Jackie Robinson.  We will learn about their important contributions to our society. We will also study topics like geography, economics, three ancient native American civilizations, Ancient China and Ancient Egypt.


Second graders will have the opportunity to learn about and practice using magnets.  This exciting hands-on unit is a fun way to engage our students and challenge their thinking.  Our next unit of study will be on matter.  We will learn about the properties of solids, liquids, and gases, as well as changes in matter.  Plants, animals and their habitats will also be areas of focus.


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