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Bera Yaeger ECSE Teacher

Jill Goodrich-Stuart, Instructional Assistant

April Kelly, ECSE Teacher

Melanie Rubeck, Instructional Assistant

Stacy Bergeron, Instructional Assistant



      The Early Childhood Special Education class at Cold Harbor Elementary School provides preschool special education services to children with special needs who have been found eligible through the Hanover County Special Education process. The classroom can take a maximum of 8 students, ages 2 through 5 years of age, as long as they are 2 before Sept. 30th. There is one teacher and at least one paraprofessional in the classroom, along with various therapists (Speech, OT and PT) that provide direct therapy in one-on-one, small group, and occasional pull-out settings

     The children will each have an Individual Education Plan which includes individual goals that they will work on throughout the school year. The IEP is developed by the child’s IEP team, which includes the child’s parent(s), teacher(s), administrators, and specialists as appropriate. The goals in the children’s plans guide the instructional planning and processes so that each child receives daily instruction that is beneficial to their own individual needs.

     The students can attend school up to 4 days a week, as determined by their IEP team. Students do not attend preschool on Wednesdays as this is the day scheduled to complete home visits, assessments, and teacher planning time.

     During school, the children will participate in circle time, learning centers, therapeutic and educational activities, gross & fine motor play, as well as music, art, library and P.E. specials. Social, positive behavior and language skills are embedded throughout the day as well. This year, we will be piloting the We Can Curriculum as our guide as well as developing thematic units related to the child's interests and developmental level.  We'll be taking a structured but child-centered approach to our day. Parent participation is highly encouraged as teaching preschool special education is a team-effort!"


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