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 Fourth Grade                                               



Our 4th Grade Teachers:

  Mrs. Zeilinger, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Davis, Ms. Cancro, and Ms. Shrader


Here at Cold Harbor we are proud of our fourth graders!  Fourth grade is a transitional and very important year for our students. The curriculum is challenging and fun, the expectations are high, and the foundation for success in fifth grade is being laid.  To be successful in fourth grade, students must....

1.  Complete homework and study nightly.

2.  Be responsible for their supplies, participation, and learning.

3.  Come to school prepared to learn, work hard, and have fun.

4.  Demonstrate safety, respect, and responsibility daily.

5.  Know their math facts (Mastery of multiplication facts through 12 is key!)

Parents are a huge part of the success of CHES!  The fourth grade team would like to thank you in advance for supporting our efforts by doing the following:

1.  Review and sign assignment book nightly.

2.  Check your child's homework for neatness and accuracy.

3.  Work with your child on following directions (both written and verbal).

4.  Encourage learning experiences outside of the classroom (read with your child, take family field trips, play educational games as a family).


Fourth Grade Highlights


Fourth grade is lucky to have the SODA program.  This program pairs responsible high school students from Lee Davis with fourth grade classes to teach students about peer pressure, making good choices, and being a responsible citizen.  The SODA program begins in October and runs throughout the year.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a service provided to our fourth graders to teach them about avoiding drugs and alcohol, making healthy choices, and knowing what to do in situations involving unhealthy substances.  Several DARE lessons will be provided throughout the year by our DARE officer, Officer Bohannon.

 Field Trips

We are so excited to offer several field trip experiences this year.  We will visit the Math and Science Innovation Center, and several experiences that are yet to be determined.  Be on the lookout for more information to come home regarding these opportunities.

Colonial Experience

To support our study of colonial life in America, we will hold a Colonial Experience Day.  During this one day event, students will be exposed to what life was like during the colonial days. Students who dress as colonists on Colonial Day will have the opportunity to earn extra credit, as long as their dress reflects thought and planning on their part. (Do not purchase or rent a costume, use what you have at home.)

 SOL Camp

To celebrate all that we have learned throughout the year, and to prepare for SOL testing, we will participate in an SOL camp prior to SOL testing. SOL camp provides students with fun and exciting ways to review all they have learned.  Each day brings new opportunities to show what we know!  Prizes are awarded at the end of the week for hard work!


 Together we can achieve more!  We look forward to a successful year! 

Link to the Fourth Grade Curriculum





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