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 Second Grade

Teachers: Ms. Shelly Hartley, Mrs. Emily Layne, Ms. Kate Smith
Students will be assessed at the beginning of the year to determine reading groups. These groups are flexible and students will be moved based on progress with reading comprehension, fluency and accuracy.

Reading instruction is based on the Guided Reading model, where students will work in small groups with a teacher to practice skills on differentiated reading levels. Additionally, students will work on literacy-based activities during center work.

Book-It! and Accelerated Reader programs will be encouraged to motivate students to read independently. 

Language Arts and Spelling
Students will participate in the Fundations program daily for phonics, spelling, and handwriting instruction. Students will learn to segment and spell words by decoding patterns with similar letters and sounds. "Trick" words will also be given weekly to practice sight word recognition and spelling. Spelling tests will assess the ability to accurately spell words, mark-up features, and write words in a dictated sentence.

Students will work on writing skills during Writer's Workshop. During instruction, teachers will model writing skills through the use of mentor texts and shared writing. Students will self-select topics for personal writing in their journals and students and parents will communicate weekly in a Home/School journal to reinforce writing skills each weekend.

Math lessons include whole-group instruction and small-group activities where will work with manipulatives and complete activities to promote and support development of concepts, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and mental math. Students are pre-assessed on each unit to determine small groups and activities based on strengths and areas of need.

Unit Study
Instruction will rotate between science and social studies units. Students will be given study guides and will create interactive notes to assist in studying at home. Research will be incorporated into units and take-home projects will be given to enrich learning of concepts.







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