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What Art Teaches:

   Our goal for the young artists at Beaverdam is to provide an art experience that allows each student the opportunity to build…
        -Creative problem solving skills through making choices
        -A positive sense of community through working together and learning from one another
        -Responsibility through consistent classroom routines and time management
        -Art appreciation through learning art history, multicultural themes, and various art processes
        -Character development through learning to value their personal artwork and that of others.

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 FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions:    
   Art at Beaverdam Elementary is an integral part of the curriculum.  All students receive formal art instruction weekly. Classes are
   conducted with specific objectives and vocabulary words. Students enjoy an opportunity to express themselves through a variety of visual
   media. The art room provides a wonderful environment where all students have an opportunity to meet challenging and creative learning

 Mission For The Class
   Our mission here in the art room is to equip every child with as many skills as possible, allowing them to create to the best of their ability. 
   Integration with the core subject areas is very much a basis for the art program. There are specific SOL's that have to be covered in art, 
   but when we can relate to previous or future classroom learning, we do try to make those connections.
 What types of materials are used in the art room?
   We use a variety of materials. Most of which are consumable. Therefore we go through paints, pastels, markers,  and paper a lot quicker. 
   We also use craft materials when we study folk art or crafts. We use modeling clay as well as earth clay for projects. You just never know 
   what materials might show up as a work of art.
 Where is my child's artwork?
   Sometimes we try to mount or frame artwork that we have worked on for a period of time. Sometimes we are experimenting with a 
  technique and there is no final project. Students are always encouraged to take great care of their expressions (artwork).   

 What can I do to foster my child's creativity?
  Let them create. A lot of people think that children should not necessarily be told or suggested what to create, but most need help with a 
   starting point. They always have more trouble with "free draw" assignments, than they do with a specific concept, objective or idea. 
   Give them the space, materials and visuals (pictures), or suggested ideas, and watch them create. Let them talk about their creations also.
 Want to get involved?
   We are always in need of parents and family of our students who would like to volunteer in the art room. Let us know ahead of time when
   and where you would like to help. If you have a special skill or would like to help with the really messy lessons such as clay, papier-mâché,
   printmaking, paper making, etc. please let us know.


   Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
   This web site offers a variety of information about one of the finest and largest museums on the east coast.

   Blick Art Materials
   This web site offers various ideas, sale items on materials that are often used here in the art room.

   Free Rice
   Get art smart while fighting world hunger! This is an awesome online game website quizzes you on art history. For each answer
   that you get right the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help hunger around the world.


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