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Michael B. Gill
Superintendent of Schools


   August 22, 2017



The beginning of the school year is always filled with excitement, and we are eager to welcome our   students.  Whether it is a senior anticipating his final year, a kindergartner arriving for the first time,   or a student learning how to use a locker in middle school, our goal is to provide all students with the support they need in order to be successful and achieve their highest potential in a safe and healthy   learning environment 

Our division-wide focus this year and for many years to come will be to provide our students with the most relevant, equitable, and innovative education possible.  We will provide relevance by seeking to engage every learner authentically with lessons that have a direct application for success in life.  From an equity standpoint, we recognize that each student is unique, and our approach to education cannot be “one size fits all.”  Rather, we will seek to challenge every student in order to provide the most rigorous educational opportunities appropriate to their needs and abilities.  Finally, we will empower our students and staff alike to dream, create, and thrive in an environment that inspires innovative thinking—a spirit that has defined our country since its inception  

Hanover County Public Schools continues to enjoy a deep-rooted tradition of excellence, and we remain a leader in education.  In addition to our dedicated staff and students, community partnerships have proven vital to upholding our strong tradition.  Parents, civic organizations, businesses, county leaders, the faith community, and more continue to be key ingredients to our success.  As a result, I invite you to partner with us, whether by volunteering in a classroom, serving on an advisory council, becoming a business partner, or simply attending one of the hundreds of events held at our schools throughout the year.  Together, we will help prepare the next generation of leaders in our community.   

In education,


 Dr. Michael B. Gill
 Superintendent of Schools





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