School Attendance Boundaries for Pearsonís Corner Elementary 2006-2007

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The boundary for Pearsonís Corner Elementary School will include all the streets and neighborhoods in the following area:

 From the intersection of Route 301 (Chamberlayne Road) and New Ashcake Road, go north on Route 301 to Crump Creek.  Follow Crump Creek west, to just east of New Britton Road. Go along a line south to New Ashcake Road; proceed west on New Ashcake Road to a point between Milestone and Ash Creek. Follow a line between the two subdivisions and then proceed south along Totopotomoy Creek to the railroad track. Go south along the railroad track to Atlee Station Road. Proceed east on Atlee Station Road to Route 301.  Proceed north on Route 301 to New Ashcake Road.


Ash Creek
Blue Star Estates
Cool Spring Forest
Hanover Heights (North)
Henry Clay Heights

Laurel Grove Estates
Pearsonís Corner
Powhickery Estates
Tall Oaks

* Proposed Subdivision

The following subdivisions will remain at Cool Spring Elementary School through the 2007-2008 school year, and will be reassessed during the 2008 elementary redistricting process to determine the need to transfer to Pearsonís Corner Elementary School in the 2008-2009 school year.

Craney Island Estates
Craney Island Farms
Reardonís Ridge

*Note: In some instances, residents living along district boundary lines may be required to attend a particular school due to the limitations of the transportation system.