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According to COLLEGE BOARD HANDBOOK, the required college admission tests provide very important information to both you and to the college to which you are applying. 

From your scores, you

  • have a way of comparing yourself with students already attending the colleges you are considering;

  • have the opportunity to see what you have achieved and learned throughout your academic life.

From your scores, colleges

  • are able to compare you with others applying for admission and with those students currently enrolled in the institution;

  • have a fair, standardized way for the admission staff to predict the likelihood of your success in the college.

It is very important to know the tests required for each school you are considering.

Scholastic Assessment Test (college boards):    SAT I is usually taken the first time in the spring of the junior year and again in the fall of the senior year.  Most four year colleges require the SAT I as part of the admission requirements.  The SAT I is composed of a verbal multiple-choice test and a mathematical multiple-choice test.  The scores range from 200 to 800 on each section. 

SAT II (Achievements):    Some schools require achievement tests as part of the admission requirements.  These one hour multiple-choice tests may be used in the admission decision or may be used by the college for placement.  Usually schools require a Math test and an English test.  Consult the college catalogue for tests that may be required or recommended in other subjects.

You may not take the SAT II and the SAT I on the same day.  Check your college catalogues to determine if the colleges to which you are applying require SAT II achievements.  Be sure you plan your testing schedule wisely so all scores reach the colleges prior to the deadline.








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