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The Visit


By far the most valuable source of information for you is the college visit.  Make a visit to each school to which you plan to apply.  If at all possible, plan your visit during the academic year so you are on the campus while students are there and classes are in session.  To make the most of your visit, you might utilize the following suggestions:  

Call the admissions office, or visit their website, for directions to the admissions office, where to park, if special events are planned for that day, or anything else you should know about goings-on at the college on that particular day. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

  • Take a tour arranged by the admissions office.

  • Walk around the campus to get a feel for the atmosphere and size of the campus.

  • Talk with students to gain information on subjects that are important to you.

  • Visit a class; and if possible, talk with faculty members.

  • Plan a visit to the student center, the snack bar, the library, and the bookstore.  If you are interested in the arts, visit the cultural arts center.

  • Have a meal in the cafeteria.

  • Read the campus newspaper and bulletin boards as means of learning about cultural activities and issues on campus.  

  • WRITE down your thoughts about this college in a notebook when you get back to the car. Don't wait!  Visiting several schools can get confusing...your notes will help you sort out your feelings about each of them.







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